Welcome everyone, I am Giovanni Vallone, the Sicilian motor-writer!

At last, someone, somewhere but not in summertime, gave me this nickname, for I used (and still do it) to tour my island with a motorbike, a pen and a mike.

Sicily: this is what I do!

“It’s not some game I play. It’s in my DNA. It’s what I do”

December 2020


All the Sicily you are looking for. 30 years of explorations and walkings. Welcome to my island.

West Cork Bow! West Cork Bow Wow!

The story of a journey in Ireland. A documentary hosted by a Frenchy!

A Sicilian along the Chattahoochee

I had great times in Atlanta. I will tell you about it in a blog and in a book. Sooner. No panic!

Splendid Sicily

Get ready to discover the real Sicilian essence that no one has showed you before.

Some of the media I work with:

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