Welcome everyone, I am Giovanni Vallone: writer, radio-television author, guide and entrepreneur.

I am proud to introduce to you my island to whom I have devote my cultural, artistic and naturalistic life

  “It’s not some game I play. Sicily is in my DNA. It’s what I do”


Sicily with me

Journey Sicily with me. I will take you around my island. Superior, exclusive, accompanied tours with me, my wife (chef Silvana) and my brillant collaborators.

Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The world of Sicilian creativity whose Governance I am President of. Artists and craftmen of Sicily. Host us, host Sicilian culture.


Wonderful holiday homes personally guaranteed by me. The best choice for your journey

West Cork Bow! West Cork Bow Wow!

Inspector Pedro and the search for the damned green bone. Discovering West Cork: a world apart!


All the Sicily you are looking for. 30 years of explorations. Nature, archeology, landscapes, village, people… Welcome to my island.

Splendid Sicily

The Audio-Video museum of Sicily. Get ready to discover the real Sicilian essence that no one has showed you before.

A Sicilian along the Chattahoochee

What a Sicilian think along the river of the Chattahoochee? A book, a blog, a journey.

Some of the media I work with:

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