Welcome everyone, I am Giovanni Vallone, the Sicilian motor-writer!

At last, someone, somewhere but not in summertime, gave me this nickname, for I used (and still I do it) to journey my island with a motorbike, a pen and a mike.

Sicily: this is what I do!

“It’s not some game I play. It’s in my DNA. It’s what I do”


Experiencing Sicily

I will take you around my island: Etna volcano, A trip with the boat, Meal at home, Wine Tasting, Valley of the Temples, The inland.


All the Sicily you are looking for. 30 years of explorations and walkings. Welcome to my island.

Sicilian Artisan Foundation

The world of Sicilian creativity whose Governance I am President of.

West Cork Bow! West Cork Bow Wow!

The story of a journey in Ireland. A documentary hosted by Pedro, a Frenchy!

Splendid Sicily

The Audio-Video museum of Sicily. Get ready to discover the real Sicilian essence that no one has showed you before.

A Sicilian along the Chattahoochee

I had great times in Atlanta. I will tell you about it in a blog and in a book. Sooner. No panic!

Some of the media I work with:

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