Sicily with me

Plan your exclusive Sicilian journey

 “Finding Dr. Giovanni Vallone was my very good fortune. 
He’s a cultural anthropologist, well known travel writer and
award winning author who loves Sicily with all his heart”
Kath Ciulla, Penfield, NY – Stati Uniti

Hello everyone, we are proud to introduce ourselves to you .

My wife, the Chef Silvana Recupero and me, the writer Giovanni Vallone will plan, together with you, your Sicilian journey offering you all the best of our land.

We are bred and fed in Sicily with a deep love for our land.

Our mission is to showcase the real Sicily that we are proud of, and yearn to share with you.

We believe that the only way to travel our beloved homeland and discover safely its wonderful treasures, is by relying on a team of people who are born and bred here, who have spent a lifetime traversing the length and breadth of Sicily from her heartland to her coasts, who know her people and their stories intimately.

Accommodation, food, tours, chaffeur: we will schedule Sicily at its best, according your needs.

“Sicily cannot just be seen, it must be felt.  Giovanni expertly arranged this emotional tour that thawed my heart. I cried, gasped in shock, sighed at its beauty, laughed loudly, and felt more relaxed and at peace than I ever have in my life. I didn’t want to leave, but I will return.   Sicily changed my life, rocked my world, and touched my heart.  Grazia Giovanni! “
Frank Lucido, New Jork

A tour as unique as your group

We understand that your group is unique, and your tour of Sicily should be too. We can put an itinerary together to suit your needs or wants. We offer a very personal service and we will be here to help with every aspect of your visit to Sicily. Listening to your interests, we can suggest the best destinations, attractions and accommodation for your specific group.

“A writer as a guide and a chef as a cook. We had great times with these two nice and reliable Sicilians”
Oliver Smith Cantarella, Argentina

Following some customized journeys planned by Silvana and Giovanni

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