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This book tells the story of a personal travel experience that took place between the months of September and December 2015.

The protagonist, Sicilian “motocycle-writer” Giovanni Vallone, journeyed from his native Palermo to a small town in the state of Georgia, Atlanta. While he is physically in the latter, in his imagination he never relinquishes hold of Sicily. In fact, every event that takes place on American territory is a pretext for him to make a leap in his imagination and with his memories back to Sicily.

Me and the great Blind Boys of Alabama

Vallone’s wife, the chef Silvana Recupero, joined him in Atlanta, not to share in his journalistic escapades, but for her own culinary business reasons. However, as usually tends to happen on a longer journey, unplanned and surprising events occurred over the course of these three months…

Over the course of his adventure, Vallone takes the reader on a voyage of discovery of places, characters and flavours in both Atlanta (his newly declared love) and Sicily. Along the way, he reveals many intriguing aspects, which have perhaps never yet been told.

And we will laugh a lot


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