West Cork bow! West Cork bow wow!

Date of release: December 2023

2020: I was in Ireland on behalf of Italian Public Network (radio project), Splendid Sicily (tv documentary) and me myself (book).

I was there together with my wife, and Pedro, our doggy.

At a certain point Pedro received a call from Sicily and was encharged, by Don Ciro (the Dogfather!) to search for the damned green bone!

And our life changed!

Pedro at the Bantry house

West Cork Bow! West Cork Bow Wow!

Inspector Pedro and the elusive search for that dart green bone

Discovering the unknown lush green land of West Cork.


Inspector Pedro travels from Sicily to West Cork searching for the prized green bone.

It’s the only one missing in the Dogfather Don Ciro’s (photo) collection.

Inspector Pedro is on a relentless search all around West Cork through castles, forests, rivers, towns, beaches, markets and lighthouses.

And every once in a he stops for a nice cafe’ or lunch to refuel him on his quest for the list green bone.

With the help of his distant cousin Mollie the Sprollie from Cape Clear, Jack and Biddie, two swans from Glen and humans like Siobhan Cronin of the Southern Star, David the man of the forest, Willie the smoking neighbor of Pedro… and Tom Tommyfly Pedro’s inseparable doggie drone.

While Inspector Pedro is searching high and low in the greenery of West cork for the damn green bone, back home his mamma is mixing a brew of strange stones with odd people inside them.

Lady Bea, Pedro’s assistant gives him the inside scoop about where to find all the good people inside the forest.

In a surprise twist, Pedro will find the green bone …

Starring (doggies)

Inspector Pedro
Lady Bea, Pedro’s assistant
Mollie the Sprollie, the superbeautiful
Agent Mango
Lola, Pedro’s neighboor
Sergent Cuba
Don Ciro, the Dogfather!
Thor, Irish correspondent of the Green Bow Paper
Jack and Biddy (swans)

Starring (humans)

Siobhan Cronin (chief editor Southern Star)
David and Lisa (the man and the woman of the forest)
Steve Redmond (swimmer)
Emma O’Sullivan (Sean Nòs dancer)
Aine Brosnan (archaeologist)
Willie (neighboor of Pedro)
Lovely Mary (neighboor of Pedro)
Danny (postman of Bantry)
Aegar (fishmonger of Bantry)
Adrian (butcher of Bantry)
Cristina (a friend of Pedro)
Mama and Papà (parents of Pedro)

Places visited by Pedro during the researches of the elusive green bone

Bantry, Schull, Old Glengarriff, Skiberren, Lough Hyne, Kealkill Stone circle,
Dromberg stone circle, Altar Wedge tomb, Blarney Castle, Farranthomas,
Castle Donovan, Timoleague Abbey, Kealkill castle, Charles Fort, Castle Freke,
Kilcoe castle, 3 heads, Roaring water bay, Kilcrohane, Ahakista,
Dunamnus bay, Bantry bay, Beacon, Baltimore, Goath path, Catletownbere,
Allihies, Hungry hill, Garnish, Heir, Dursey, Cape Clear, Gearagh, Macroom,
Inchidoney, Gougane Barra, Kinsale, Galley head, Bamboo forest,
Glengarriff pool, Glengarriff forest, Carrag Abhainn garden, Bantry house,
O’Keeffe’s fort, Christmas in West Cork, Ballydehob, Fastnet rock,
Bantry market

Duration: 25 minutes
Languages: Italian version and English version
Author: Giovanni Vallone (Pedro’s papà), writer and Radio-Television author

English adptation: David the man of the forest
Doggy voices: Michael Cavalieri, Aine Brosnan, Anna Franceschino, Carmela d’Amore, Argo the fishmonger, Giovanni Vallone, Elizabeth O’Sullivan

Characters and scenes from the movie

Don Ciro, the Sicilian Dogfather! “Inspector Pedro find the green bone or not come back!”

Pedro by the Atlantic ocean, waiting for the spies, Jack and Biddy, two swans.

Bantry, the headquarter of Inspector Pedro

Will Cookie find the green bone somewhere?

David and Lisa, the man and the woman of the forest, walking with Pedro (that is wearing a trendy coat) in a mysterious wood!

Molly the Sprollie searching for the green bone at Cape Clear

Agent Mango: smart, sly, cunning. He is often at Pedro’s side.

Is the green bone hidden in a graveyard?

This man and his cows have searched the green bone in many farming settings.

Lady Bea, Pedro’s assistant

Danny, the postman of Bantry, has no letters for Inspector Pedro!

What’s the connection between Inspector Pedro and Saint Brendan? Does the saint know something about the green bone?

Pedro in Schull

An Elf inside a Pedro Mama’s stone! Uhmmm, very very strange!

Inspector Pedro, Sergent Cuba and the man of the forest

TomTommyfly, the doggiedrone assistant of Pedro flying over Beacon

Argo, the fishmonger: “Sorry Pedro no fish left”

Don Ciro is getting very very nervous!

Churches, castles, forests and villages… where dart could the green bone be?