Jack and Biddy

Jack (in the foreground) and Biddy

Jack and Biddy are two swans.

The first time we met was at their home: an islet in the middle of the Coomhola river just where the waters are preparing to join the Atlantic.

To tell the truth, I didn’t really notice, or at least I gave the two swans a tender look as usually one does seeing at two swans.

Then it happened, one morning at dawn, that I was walking with Pedro right outside the house, towards Beicin walk, in Bantry, the beach that the little quadruped elected as his morning toilet.

We were at the highest point of the road in Reenrour east, where the view captures a beautiful glimpse of the bay.

In the distance, right between the mainland and the islet of Chapel, as if it were a symphony by Mozart, here I see the two swans of Coomhola.

She forward and he behind, gliding gently in the water, as if they were notes of a Viennese waltz.

I was very impressed and moved.

From that day, I met Jack and Biddy several other times both on their daily trip from Coomhola to Bantry and to their home, the small islet at the mouth of the Coomhola River.

The last time we met on Snave beach.

Pedro was also there and Biddy warned him not to approach with a prolonged breath.

So we started playing football again.